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Museum Service Charter
What is the Service Charter

The Service Chater is a tool through which the Museum dialogues with its public. This Charter singles out those service the Museum is committed to on the basis of its own Statute, existing regulations, and in respect of the needs and expectations of users, whose satisfaction is the Gallery’s main objective. This document is inspired by:

-the principles listed in the Directive of the  Prime Minister, January 27, 1994, on public services;

-art. 11 D. Lgs. 286/99 “Riordino e potenziamento dei meccanismi e strumenti di monitoraggio e  valutazione dei costi, dei rendimenti e dei risultati dell’attività svolta dalle amministrazioni pubbliche, a norma dell’articolo 11 della legge 15 marzo 1997, n. 59”;

-Ministerial Decree, May 10, 2001, “Atto d’indirizzo sui criteri tecnico-scientifici e standard di funzionamento e sviluppo dei musei” and in particular section VII which defines the Museum’s dealings with its public;

-ICOM (International Council of Museums) deontological ethics;

-Regional law no. 1, January 5, 2000, “Riordino del sistema delle autonomie in Lombardia. Attuazione del D.Lgs 31 marzo 1998, n. 112 (Conferimento e compiti amministrativi dello Stato alle regioni ed agli enti locali, in attuazione del Capo I della Legge 15 marzo 1997, n.59)”.
Its goal is to promote broader enhancement of its cultural heritage and to update, in line with the needs of safeguarding and research, the organization of activities to the expectations of visitors.
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