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Intervento di movimentazione di un quadro

Domenico Induno
(Milan 1815 - 1878)

The Vivandiere (1851)

Oil on canvas
Gift, 2013

Thanks to a donation, The Vivandiere by Domenico Induno has recently become part of the Modern Art Gallery’s collections. This work, which once belonged to Duke Antonio Litta, was presented with great success at the Brera exposition in 1846. At the Gallery it is paired with another masterpiece by Induno, Fire, 1851, which belonged to Antonio’s younger brother, Count Giulio Litta, who was also involved in politics and collecting. Domenico Induno, and his brother Gerolamo, were greatly successful thanks to the representation of contemporary society and their ability to interpret it. The female subject of the Vivandiere, who accompanied soldiers and served them food, was understood at the time to be a symbol of female emancipation.