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The Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan presents its 2019 summer exhibition devoted to painter Andrea Ventura; a project stemming from the schedule of contemporary art productions that the Museum has focused on for a few years and that is displayed alongside the exhibitions inspired by the Collections, thus offering a wider, captivating calendar to an ample and diversified audience.

The exhibition is curated by Paola Zatti, with the collaboration of Alessandro Oldani and the contribution by art critic Francesca Alfano Miglietti. It is promoted by the City of Milan | Councillorship of Culture upon an idea of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna. It will be open to public from 28th June through 8th September on the ground floor halls of Villa Reale, which are reserved to contemporary art exhibits.

The exhibition analyses a few phases of Andrea Ventura’s work, who in 2017 produced a series of mixed media artworks drawing inspiration from themes, episodes and artists connected with the history of the Museum. This series of tales was then published in the volume Musicians, Lions and Fountains (Naples 2017), scoring remarkable success and finding its place in the framework of a modern and sophisticated publishing trend whereby some illustrators were entrusted with the task of recounting, using an original language, the stories of international museums (as in the case of the Musée d'Orsay).

The exhibit, encompassing about 140 artworks divided into four sections, features the original tables conceived for the tales inspired by the GAM, beside a selection of the numerous portraits by the artist that appeared in the publications “New Yorker” and “New York Times”. The core and the novelty of the exhibition will be a series of small-size sculptures displayed next to more recent large-format acrylic artworks.

Accompanying the exhibition is a critical essay by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, which will guide the visitors through the discovery of this broad scope solo show, harbinger of a richer and more stimulating experience of the Museum this coming summer.

«The method and style with which Andrea Ventura affords the thought of painting are not the ones of an artist that describes an object by setting it in its own context as a finished one and, so to speak, a dead body. Ventura’s perspective is the one of someone who looks at the painting “not as an accomplished fact, but as an act in progress” – as Gilles Deleuze would say. The works of this series unveil an unusual atmosphere: the metaphysic statement, the immanence, the one-sidedness of reality where all things are equivalent, the anarchy against the image. In reality, what Andrea Ventura depicts is an image of thought, capable of freeing itself from objective assumptions, opinions, clichés, of giving life to a project designed to affirm the unpredictable nature of what is taking place». (Francesca Alfano Miglietti)

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Musicians, lions and fountains

During the recent review of sculpture collections at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Milan, a special glance was devoted to a contemporary artist and his vision of a tale about less renowned “stories” but dealing directly with the vicissitudes of the Museum and the artworks it conserves and displays.
Through the expressive and boldly modern language of illustration, Andrea Ventura was able to depict the lively atmosphere of Milan when, at the turn of the Twentieth century, it glimpsed at the modernity of the new century, well aware of the achievements of the past. Drawing inspiration from three sculptures on exhibit at the GAM and their stories, we gave life to three highly suggestive figurative episodes, relying on forgotten anecdotes of faces, events and places, half-way between reality and imagination.
And, so, the images flow featuring the alternating fortune of the fountain, a masterpiece by Adolfo Wildt, still present today in the garden of the Museum: the Trilogy. The Saint, the Young Man, the Wisdom, begun in 1902 and completed in 1912. The tale of the last hours of Giuseppe Verdi, which fully expresses the Romantic and Risorgimento spirit of a city movingly gathered around a symbol of that blend of art, music and literature that distinguished the end of the 19th century. Lastly, the comic legend, of a Scapigliatura flair, of the Borleo lion, linked with the vicissitudes of the Monument to the Cinque Giornate di Milano by Giuseppe Grandi, the emblem of one of the most revolutionary events reminiscent of Italian history and, at the same time, the symbol of the lively cultural climate breathed at the time.
This set of images on display goes beyond the framework of the single artworks, beyond historical and artistic notes, flooding into the imagination with a sharp and contemporary sensitiveness.


Andrea Ventura was born in Milan in 1968. His father was the author of many children’s books, which focused on travel and discovery. The making of these books engaged the entire family.
So, Andrea grew up surrounded by drawing and painting materials, since much of the work was done from home, both in Milan, where his family lived, and Tuscany, where they used to go on holiday. During these endless summers, far from the city and school, Andrea developed a world of his own, which he expressed with drawing.
Later, he chose to study History at the University of Milan, eventually deciding to dedicate his entire professional life to painting. In 1991, Andrea moved to New York where he enrolled in painting classes at The School of Visual Arts, where he soon received commissions and began producing portraits for publications such as «The New Yorker», «The New York Times», «The Rolling Stone Magazine» amongst many others.
Andrea has exhibited his work in galleries and institutions in Europe and the United States. Since 2008, Andrea has lived and worked in Berlin.