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November 19 2021 –March 6 2022

GAM | Galleria d’arte Moderna di Milano and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona are pleased to present DIVISIONISM. TWO COLLECTIONS, a exhibition curated by Giovanna Ginex.

Beginning in the last decade of the nineteenth century, in France and Italy and farther afield, the practice of separating colour into individual dots or strokes of pigment that translated modern scientific theories of optics onto the canvas was applied following infinite stylistic variations. This technique aimed at achieving maximum luminosity – or specular darkness – in a painting thanks to patches of pure colour combined one next to the other. And, it is indeed these infinite variations that distinguished the single artists beyond the specific technique or the style or ideas embraced, making each of them unique.

Milan and the Piedmont area, particularly around Alessandria, played a key role in the early investigations of Divisionism. Most of its principal exponents received their training in Milan, where a fertile exchange of experiences and knowledge went beyond the regional borders or Academic teachings.

The Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan and the Pinacoteca della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Tortona display some of the masterpieces from this pictorial season in their respective collections; these works are connected by their author, or subject, or their collecting history. This parallelism inspired the “DIVISIONISM. TWO COLLECTIONS” exhibit, which, for the first time, advances a confrontation through an accurate selection of works from both collections.

Through outstanding masterpieces selected from these two collections, the exhibition path focuses on the elements that distinguished this art movement, its protagonists, and the artists who adhered to it.

The allusions introduced by the Milanese Scapigliatura, the renewal in painting, the new vision of landscape, the provocation of social exposés and, last but not least, the teaching and legacy handed down to a new generation of artists underpin the “TWO COLLECTIONS” exhibit, offering a compelling tale, bathed in the colours and light of the best of Italian Divisionism.

In occasion of the exhibition, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Tortona presents a new publication: the Volume on Divisionism by Giovanna Ginex.

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Scapigliatura: New Technical Explorations
Tranquillo Cremona
Luigi Conconi
Giuseppe Grandi
Gaetano Previati
Daniele Ranzoni

Landscapes. Natura is the Symbol
Carlo Fornara
Emilio Longoni
Giuseppe Pellizza
Giovanni Segantini
Paolo Troubetzkoy

Social Realism and Other Forms of Realism
Giulio Branca
Emilio Longoni
Angelo Morbelli
Plinio Nomellini
Attilio Pusterla
Giovanni Sottocornola

Pastel Technique in Divisionism
Emilio Longoni
Giuseppe Mentessi

The New Generation
Giacomo Balla
Leonardo Bistolfi
Umberto Boccioni
Plinio Nomellini