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The storage is a place that hosts a museum’s objects not part of the exhibition itinerary, which is periodically changed. Different reasons influence why a certain work is excluded: it may be in a poor state of preservation, not representative of the art period developed in the itinerary, be of poor quality, or even have a cultural worth that is not yet recognized. In the majority of cases, the works in storage are of great value but are penalized due to the limited exposition space.
In Villa Reale’s case, the storage holds, in addition to paintings, a considerable collection of plaster casts, which bear witness to the varying states in which works were executed and, therefore, are fundamental in recreating the past of celebrated sculptures (like models by Giuseppe Grandi for the Cinque Giornate di Milano). Making these works visible, enjoyable, and accessible is one of the goals of the Gallery, which has already arranged the underground storage areas according to themes. That is why there is a need for sanitary environments that host these works, that is, climate controlled and regulated spaces to favor correct conservation of works and easy access.
The storage areas are a reservoir from which to draw upon to reveal to the visitor innovative proposals of interpretation, unexpected surprises, and new scholarly outlooks.
The heritage can be viewed on the Modern Art Gallery’s web site in the section "Exhibition Itinerary" Work search and  Author search.

The public may visit our storage, by appointment.
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