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Historical and Artistic Research
Research on the history of the collections, art techniques, and the Villa itself is essential to the Museum, which strives to recreate its past in order to plan its future in a more proficuous way. Studies have supported exhibitions, conferences, publications. In short, initiatives that constitute important moments for confrontation, analysis, and aperture towards new historical/artistic horizons on the works and the Gallery.
Along this never-ending course, the ideal goal is the Museum’s identity, to reaffirm each day by welcoming pertinent suggestions, in constant dialectical rapport with society.
Research is part of those activities aimed at discovering new connections and unique interpretations, while giving voice to the paintings and allowing them to tell their own story. Therefore, these studies include archive research, restoration, and cataloguing. It must be emphasized how the Museum has promoted the cataloguing of the art heritage housed here through the Lombardy Region Cultural Heritage Computer System. This has allowed important information to become accessible to anyone who wishes to know more about these works.
Visitors will realize a change in the concept of a museum, from being a mere container of objects to a complex system of activities and roles.