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Dettaglio della decorazione della sala sei con il particolare del medaglione raffigurante Andrea Appiani

Ground Floor Decorations

The stucco decorations in the rooms on the ground floor were made by 1796 by Giocondo Albertolli, an extraordinarily original ornamentalist and exponent of Austrian aristocratic taste. His elegant decorative motifs, enhanced by delicate color contrasts, intersperse purely ornamental elements with figurative inserts like griffons, eagles, and sphinxes, in addition to the Belgiojoso coats-of-arms. Albertolli’s skill rests upon his intimate familiarity – by way of French culture – with the refined masters of the 1500s such as Giulio Romano and Polidoro da Caravaggio. A further reference to classical aesthetics is the preference for principles of Vitruvian rationalism, which makes the decoration dependent on the architecture and purpose of these rooms.