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Particolare del percorso botanico

Botanical Trail
"Milan possesses over 170,000 trees and an unspecified number of shrubs, along its streets and in its parks, much greater than the greenest cities across Europe. This was made possible thanks to its moderate climate, since it is equally distant from the North Pole and the Equator. It was established that Milan has around 200 species of plants (excluding shrubbery) with respect to an average of 30–40 species in other European cities.
In order to admire these species visitors don’t need to walk all of the city’s streets, but rather go to its parks. The Environmental Guards have singled out two trails in Parco Sempione and one in Villa Reale’s garden. The selected plants bear a small label with their species name, attached to their trunks at a proper height with harmless stainless steel nails, similar to some of the most important botanical gardens across the world like Villa Taranto in Verbiana Pallanza and Kew Gardens in London.
In the Villa Reale garden, shrubs and plants also bear a label on small supports stuck into the ground near them.
The labels were defined by following previous examples and by consulting botanists. A straightforward, simple approach was preferred. Each label bears both the common and scientific name of the plant, index name, species, and provenance."
Taken from Villa Reale. Un giardino da esplorare. Comune di Milano, Milan 2004.
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